Fling™ - The Flying Thing! (Pop-Up Fan Disk & Pouch)

Check out Fling™ - The Flying Thing!

The original attention-grabbing retro promotional item!

Take the Fling from it's pocket-size pouch & it automatically snaps open with a surprising effect!

The ultimate attention grabber for all kinds of promotional uses.

Why use a Fling™?

There are so many promotional products out there, so you may ask - why bother to choose a Fling™?

Get noticed!

A Fling™ is unique and unlike any other, it's bound to get noticed when flying directly over your customers head!

Be remembered!

A Fling™ is such a fun product that people tend not to throw them away, this is great for brand retention.

Be loved!

People tend to gravitate towards those that show a more fun, light-hearted approach to life. This extends to advertising too!

Re-use them forever!

After you're done using it, just pop the Fling™ back inside its pouch ready for more great promotional fun on another day.

Personalise with your own design!

Mix & match your choice of fabric colours, then custom print with your own design & message!

Uses include: trade show give-aways, event hand outs, direct mail, product launches, openings, festivals & more...

Does The Fling™ stand up to its name?

Here are just a few of our past customers - as you can see, many instantly recognisable brands have used Flings before!



Spongebob Squarepants


The Fling™ Frisbee has been a major contender in the promotions industry for many years in a row, and has even won awards! This dates back to the early 1990's, when personal computers & internet had only really just started emerging around the world. Once The Flying Fling™ Frisbee's pop up fan disk & pouch was designed, it took the entire market by storm - soon becoming endorsed by hundreds of reputable companies.

You can find out more about The Fling™, or view our photo gallery below.


Absolutely fantastic service from start to finish. Really impressed with the customer service, design service, advice given and extremely fast delivery service.

I cant thank you enough, would thoroughly recommend you guys.

Kirstie Smith


I had a tight deadline to get these made up for a family gathering. Hayden was very helpful, quick and efficient. They arrived in record time and in excellent condition!

I recommend them to anyone, business or personal!

Tanya Dennis


Excellent Service, great to do business with kept us informed every step of the way.
These are first class and are brilliant for all of our Road Racing fans - great job!

Thank-you, from Road Racing News

Steve Rial

East Yorkshire

For me, the video viewing was so handy - I couldn't believe how easy it was to get a good looking around a pod. I'd been meaning to do it for ages but I always put it off because I don't like driving long distances without my husband. The Go-Pod being small seems like a great thing for us as we aren't as young as we used to be!

Margaret Threader


The video viewing option was excellent for me and my wife - we've really wanted to view a Go-Pod for such a long while, however we never had the opportunity due to the long distance between us and the nearest viewing centre. Chris was great showing us around, so friendly and made it such a pleasant experience - thank you!

Winston Mosquemound


Excellent Service - I've always wanted a pod to go away in ever since I saw one drive past me on the motorway back in 2012. I've never had a chance to see one because the drive was too far for me, until now. With a video tour of the pod I made my mind up almost instantly - hurray!

Theresa March

East Yorkshire

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